‘They came to see a poet’

For the last forty years Poetry International has been inviting poets from all over the world to read their work on the stage of a theatre in Rotterdam. The poet, who while writing usually has a paper goal in mind, is challenged to have not only his pen and his mind but also his voice at the ready. Readings by no less than 200 poets who have attended the festival in the last forty years have been collected in the CD box set ‘They Came to See a Poet’.

On Sunday 14 June Poetry International will be publicly launching the CD box set ‘They Came to See a Poet’. This evening will be a varied celebration of the sound of the poet, with appearances by poets, singers and actors, interviews, film and audio clips, and with the writer and poet Kees ’t Hart acting as master of ceremonies.


The CD box set ‘They Came to See a Poet’ will be on sale at the festival from the launch on 14 June onwards. The compiler, Ineke Holzhaus, has collected 700 audio clips of 200 poets on 15 CDs. This unique box set, which draws on Poetry International’s vast sound archive, is appearing in a limited edition to mark the anniversary. The festival price is only €49.00 for the set, representing €10.00 discount on the shop price. 

 Antjie Krog during the festival in 1993 ¦ photographer Pieter Vandermeer

Poetry International Festival